Executive Committee

The RMIUG is run by an “executive committee” (doesn't that sound spiffy! ;-) that is currently composed of Josh Zapin, Dave Taylor, Dan Murray, Jeff Finkelstein, and Tom Bresnahan. We are reachable via Email at rmiug-comm@rmiug.org. Several other people have volunteered to help out with running the group, and we can always use more help if you would like to pitch in. Additionally, if you would like to volunteer to make a presentation at a meeting or have questions, suggestions or feedback, please let us know. Thanks to everyone who is helping RMIUG in one way or another.

Here are our executive committee members, enjoying a nice day on the slopes:

Currently, there are 4“Exec's” who are ...

  • Dan Murray (dan@rmiug.org) started using the Internet in 1992 while living in Columbia, MD. He successfully used the "Net" to find a job in Colorado, packed up his skis and hiking boots, and relocated in mid-1993. He subsequently worked in director-level marketing roles in a number of Internet startups in Boulder and Denver. In 2002, Dan founded a Boulder company called Ravenwood Marketing which specializes in performance-based Internet marketing programs that help companies sell products and generate sales leads over the web. His educational background is in engineering and statistics/quality management. With no membership and no meeting place arranged, he launched the Rocky Mountain Internet Users Group in late January 1994 by posting an announcement (and dire plea for help ;-) to several local Usenet newsgroups. About 70 emails, along with generous offers of assistance, came pouring in and RMIUG was off and running.

  • Jeff Finkelstein (jeff@rmiug.org) convinced his parents back in 1984 to get a second phone line so that he could use the 300-baud modem on his Apple IIe to dial into Bulletin Boards. Jeff is the founder of Customer Paradigm, a company focused on search engine marketing, website design, Magento Development and php programming in the Boulder, Colorado area. In his spare time, he helps his wife, Rabbi Jamie Korngold, author of God in the Wilderness, run the Adventure Rabbi program. He has also worked as a professional ski patroller, trained search and rescue dogs, built custom homes in the mountains of Colorado, run an indoor rock climbing gym, and led teens on extended backpacking trips throughout Colorado. Jeff holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Technology Management from the University of Colorado at Boulder and studied Political Science and Psychology at the University of Michigan. Best way to contact Jeff - visit here >>

  • Tom Bresnahan (tbrez@rmiug.org) began using computers in high school in 1968 on a teletype terminal, but lost interest when he discovered beer. He graduated with a BS in Geology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1975 and worked as a geologist for various oil companies. Currently, Tom does technical support for Golden Software, Inc. in Golden, Colorado. He started using the Internet in 1992 to answer e-mail, and now administers the company e-mail gateways, Web pages, FTP site, and BBS. In addition, he is the Director of the Computer Oriented Geological Society (COGS), where he maintains the society's Web pages, FTP site, BBS, and membership databases.

  • Josh Zapin (josh@rmiug.org) is a professionally certified Project Manager who is expert at transforming complex visions into reality. Josh cut his teeth on the interactive world where he launched dozens of multimillion dollar, mission-critical web, CD-ROM, and other multimedia projects. He then leveraged his experience for even larger entities such as The Federal Reserve Bank where he helped them manage one of the largest IT undertakings to date: a $250 million IT project that upgraded the largest check processing system in the world. Working during the dawn of Internet (~1995) for such industry innovators, as AGENCY.COM, Organic, Inc. and iXL, Josh was integral at turning the chaos of interactive development into measurable and manageable tasks. He has created and improved upon many complex development methodologies and has proven their effectiveness by delivering better products in less time for less money. Josh recently moved from the urban jungle of New York City to the urbane forests of Boulder, Colorado. He is an outdoor sports enthusiast who organizes backcountry trips for numerous volunteer organizations. Josh is a graduate from Cornell University with a BS in Business Management and Marketing. To learn more about Josh visit http://www.jzapin.com.

There have been other exec's in the past that have moved on to greener pastures. Please see our Exec Emeritus page.

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