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The Tuesday, March 8th meeting of the Rocky Mountain Internet Users Group (RMIUG) will discuss "Is the Web Dead?"

In August, Wired Magazine published an article entitled "The Web Is Dead" (http://www.wired.com/magazine/2010/08/ff_webrip/all/1) that sparked a huge debate on the future of the Internet.

In the article, Chris Andersen, Wired's Editor-In-Chief, posits that 20 years after its inception, going to web pages to consume information, is on the decline.  In its place, are sleeker, more focused "apps" that deliver content in easier to consume ways.  For example, instead of going to the newyorktimes.com, users are more apt to use the New York Times' iPad app.  The iPad app with it's sleek page browsing interface, Anderson argues, makes consuming the content a much more pleasurable experience than using a cursor and a mouse to consume the same content. 

Furthermore, the closed "app" experience gives content publishers a better mechanism to charge for the content.  Where the unfettered Web experienced through a browser is almost universally free, "apps" tend to follow a freemium model: give away some of the content for free, but up-sell the full experience within the proprietary application.  "Apps" offer the content creators a way to truly earn money from their work in a way that the "Web" resisted.

Anderson provided some compelling statistics to support this.  Not only has there been an explosion of "Apps" on platforms such as the iPad and iPhone, but the proportion of US Internet Traffic used for the "Web" is 23%, roughly half of what it was 10 years ago.

Are we in the middle of an inflection point in the history of the Web?  Is it "Dead" or is there something different going on?

At our next RMIUG meeting we will discus this topic in great detail:

Dave Taylor (taylor@intuitive.com): Dave has been involved with the online world since 1980 and has helped shape the modern Internet. His career has included working as a research scientist at HP's R&D Labs, contributing code to Berkeley Unix 4.4, building four startups, publishing twenty business and technical book, and writing thousands of articles. He current runs four blogs, including AskDaveTaylor.com focused on tech support, the film blog DaveOnFilm.com and The Business Blog @ Intuitive.com and also writes for the Boulder Daily Camera, Boulder Weekly and Linux Journal. Dave has a Bachelors in Computer Science from UCSD, a Masters in Education from Purdue and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. He's @DaveTaylor on Twitter.


Dave Taylor's Contact Page: http://www.davetayloronline.com

The meeting is Tuesday, March 8th from 7:00 - 9:00 pm (with optional 6:30 pm start for refreshments and informal networking). The meeting will be held at The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) at 1850 Table Mesa Drive in Boulder. To get to NCAR from the Boulder Turnpike (US 36) or Broadway (US 93), take Table Mesa Drive west towards the mountains for approximately 2.5 miles into the foothills. NCAR is at the top of the hill. For door-to-door driving directions, go to MapQuest (http://www.mapquest.com/), click on Driving Directions, enter your starting address, NCAR's address, and voila! Park in the NCAR lot, go in the main door, and ask the guard to point you to meeting, which is held in the main auditorium, right off the lobby. The meeting is free and open to the public, but we may pass the hat to help defray expenses.

Our meeting location seats about 120 people. That is usually enough room to accommodate all attendees, but it's impossible for us to predict how many people will show up for any given meeting. Seating is always on a first-come, first serve basis, and in the event of more attendees than seats, we won't be able to admit additional people into the auditorium after all seats are filled.

Thanks to our three sponsors who help make RMIUG meetings happen:
Applied Trust Engineering (http://www.appliedtrust.com/) -- an IT security and network/systems infrastructure consulting services company sponsors the refreshments.
ONEWARE (http://www.oneware.com) -- a Colorado-based software company that provides semi-custom web-based applications, sponsors the RMIUG meeting minutes.
ReturnPath (http://www.returnpath.net) -- a Colorado-based software company that makes email work better by scoring and certifying email senders from around the world sponsors the RMIUG meeting minutes.
Copy Diva (http://www.copydiva.com) which provides marketing project management, marketing communications consulting, and web content development is the AV sponsor for RMIUG.

Consultants and companies are invited to bring Internet-related Product information, brochures, and business cards which will be displayed on an information table.

There are email mailing lists set up for this group. To subscribe or unsubscribe, see http://www.rmiug.org/maillist.html. You can also reach the RMIUG "Executive" Committee at rmiug-comm@rmiug.org. Our web site is at http://www.rmiug.org/

Please note that RMIUG is hosted at NCAR and we are their guests. NCAR has security regulations in effect that we must follow in order to use the facility. If any RMIUG attendee is unwilling to follow these simple regulations, I would ask that he or she not attend and instead read the minutes after the meeting.

Here are the NCAR security policies that must be followed:

1. No weapons.
2. Must sign in at front desk and provide name.
3. Cooperate with security folks including providing ID if requested.
4. We are guests of NCAR so cooperation and courtesy are expected when dealing with NCAR staff.

If there are any questions or concerns with this policy, please contact me directly.
Thanks, Josh Zapin (josh@rmiug.org).

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