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Moderated list. Low volume, restricted to meeting announcements/Minutes, and items of direct interest to our members. Everyone should subscribe to this list; volume has averaged less than 5 per month.

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Unmoderated list, but only members may post. This list is for discussion of topics that are of interest to the Front Range/Colorado Internet community A good example would be a local Internet related event. A bad example would be “what is the jumper to set the address of the Adaptec-1402 SCSI card?”

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 Unmoderated list. Envisioned as a vehicle for Internet and computer-related job postings in Front Range/Colorado. Pls read the rmiug-jobs FAQ for more info.

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Unmoderated list, but only members may post. This list is for discussions of job-related issues, such as interviewing, job search strategies, recruiters, salary, resumes, etc.

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