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We have three Email lists. When you send an Email to the below addresses, it will go to ALL subscribers. I.e. you should think carefully about what you want to write before you send it all ... it is typically a good idea to send a short summary ASCII note, rather than having fancy/smancy attachments, HTML encoding, V-Cards, etc. We also encourage folks to send "list management" issues to the RMIUG Executive Committee at rmiug-comm@rmiug.org rather than the lists themselves. BTW, here's more Information On RMIUG itself.

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Moderated list. Low volume, restricted to meeting announcements/Minutes, and items of direct interest to our members. Everyone should subscribe to this list; volume has averaged less than 5 per month.
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Unmoderated list, but only members may post. This list is for discussion of topics that are of interest to the Front Range/Colorado Internet community A good example would be a local Internet related event. A bad example would be ``what is the jumper to set the address of the Adaptec-1402 SCSI card?''
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Moderated list. Envisioned as a vehicle for Internet and computer-related job postings in Front Range/Colorado. Pls read the rmiug-jobs FAQ for more info.

RMIUG Jobs List Moderation is proudly sponsored by:
Innovar Group - Your link to top IT Talent!

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Unmoderated list, but only members may post. This list is for discussions of job-related issues, such as interviewing, job search strategies, recruiters, salary, resumes, etc.

If you get Totally confused, send Email to dan@rmiug.org to request help from the list maintainer.

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