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ClientSolv (www.clientsolv.com) ClientSolv Technologies is an IT Solution and Software Firm with over a decade of experience serving Fortune 1000 companies, public sector and small to medium sized companies. ClientSolv Technologies is a woman-owned and operated company that is certified as a WMBE, 8a firm by the Federal government's Small Business Administration.

ClientSolv's software product myClinicalExchange has been adopted by ACE (Alliance of Clinical Educators) as a "Platform of Choice" across the board for Hospitals and Educational Institutions in Colorado.

  ONEWARE (www.oneware.com), is a Colorado-based software company that provides semi-custom web-based applications and sponsors the RMIUG meeting minutes.

  Copy Diva (www.copydiva.com) which provides marketing project
management, marketing communications consulting, and web content
development is the AV sponsor for RMIUG.

  New Media One Web Servcies (www.newmediaone.net) provides hosting and system administration for the RMIUG website.

  Impulse Digital (www.impulsedigital.com), an interactive agency in Boulder, designed the RMIUG logo.