Minutes of the 13 Sept Meeting: Deconstructing Net Neutrality

About 12 people attended tonight’s meeting. Josh Zapin facilitated and Jeremy Kohler recorded the minutes.



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Chris Chalack at Bolder Professional Placements in Broomfield has lots of positions open.

There will be a Net Neutrality conference on November 18–see Digiworld 2011 for details.

The next RMIUG meeting will cover patent trolls. Please forward speaker suggestions to Josh Zapin.


Net neutrality is about giving everybody unfettered access to on-line information. But from an ISP’s point of view, this can bankrupt them if the rules prevent ISPs from charging on a usage basis. Complicating this is the consolidation of telecom/cable/ISP companies under one roof, with very little competition. These companies can promote their own services by degrading others. Consider the Comcast customer—like me–who uses Netfilx instead of Comcast TV. Sometimes I wonder if Comcast is intentionally degrading my Netflix performance so that I’ll consider getting Comcast TV instead.

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