RMIUG Podcast # 11: Evil or Necessary Evil


Our eleventh podcast is a full broadcast of our 8 November 2011 meeting called "Patent Trolls: Evil or Necessary Evil " featuring Tom Franklin from Kilpatrick Townend. Please listen to it right here by clicking the play button below:

You can also read the minutes or  download the presentation.

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Minutes of the 8 Nov Meeting: Patent Trolls: Evil or Necessary Evil


About 13 people attended tonight’s meeting. Josh Zapin facilitated and Jeremy Kohler recorded the minutes.



Applied Trust (www.appliedtrust.com) provides refreshments, Copy Diva (www.copydiva.com) provides the audio-visual equipment, NCAR (www.ncar.ucar.edu) provides the facility, ONEWARE (www.oneware.com) sponsors the podcast, and ReturnPath (www.returnpath.net) sponsors the minutes.

Thanks also to Brian at covervillemedia.com for creating [...]