Minutes of the 10 May 2011 meeting, “Crowdsourcing 2.0”

In addition to reading the minutes, you can listen to the podcast and view the slides from the meeitng.

About 20 people attended tonight’s meeting. Josh Zapin facilitated and Jeremy Kohler recorded the minutes. 



Applied Trust (www.appliedtrust.com) provides refreshments, Copy Diva (www.copydiva.com) provides the audio-visual equipment, NCAR (www.ncar.ucar.edu) provides the facility, ONEWARE (www.oneware.com) sponsors the podcast, [...]

RMIUG Podcast #8: Crowdsourcing 2.0

Our eigth podcast is a full broadcast of our 10 May 2011 meeting called "Crowdsourcing 2.0" featuring Bill Quinn from Tada and Riley Gibson from NapkinLabs.  Please listen to it right here by clicking the play button below:

You can also read the minutes or  download the presentation.

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